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Distractions from self-harm (UPDATE)

• Scream as loud as you can 

• HIT a cushion / punch bag / throw a cushion against a wall 

• Smash a water melon 

• Kick a football against a wall  

• Squeeze ice really hard 

• Squeeze a stress ball 

• Tear up a newspaper/phone directory  

• Play loud music and dance energetically – be as wild as you like  

• Draw on the place you want to cut with red marker pen, fake blood or watered down food 


• Write words on yourself with a red marker pen 

• Spend some energy - go for a walk/swim/go to the gym/ride a bike/go running 

• Ask yourself “Do I feel ANGRY?’ ‘Do I feel anxious?’ ‘What about?’  

• Ask yourself ‘What would the razor blade say if it could talk to me?’ 

• Write a letter to someone you’re angry with (hurt by etc.) saying how you feel (No need to 

send it.) 

• Write a list of your achievements 

• Write a letter to yourself saying ‘I love YOU because….’ 

• Make a list of things you’re thankful for 

• Make a wish list  

Talking about it….                             

• Talk to a friend   

• Call the Samaritans or other helpline (see page 5) 

• Allow yourself to cry (if you can) 

• Draw / paint / collage / paper mache / finger paint / sculpt in clay -  to express what you 

want to do or what you are feeling  

• Write a poem / story / song / joke / autobiography / parody / musical  

• Write a DIARY / journal or read old diaries (unless there might be triggers) 

• Go to myspace.com and write an online journal 

• Scribble a word again and again to say how you’re feeling e.g. ‘lonely’, ‘angry’  

• Deface a magazine (preferably your own) 

• Paint with red paint using your fingers 

• Draw yourself in MS office 

• Write a message in a self-harm newsgroup on the internet 

• Take some photos 

• Play an instrument / Sing to music as LOUD as you can 

• Put on music which expresses how you are feeling 

• Write out the soundtrack to your life if it were a film 

• Imagine a colour which expresses your feelings then change it in your mind to another 


• Make a memory box / scrapbook  

• Write an alternative ending to a story 

• Watch a foreign language channel and make up your own interpretations  

• Create your own cartoon characters / legends  

• Create a SECRET CODE

• Have a bath or shower

• Stay in bed 

• Use aromatherapy oils 

• Eat chocolate (or whatever) 

• Have an ‘emergency box’ with whatever helps you cope   

• Buy something special 

• Massage your hands / arms / feet (or the area you want to harm) 

• Stroke a pet / cuddle a teddy 

• Smoke a cigarette 

• Ask a friend to hold you

• Paint your nails / Have your hair done 

• Have a cup of tea

• Rock / hug yourself 

• Give yourself a henna tattoo 

• Meditate / yoga

Watch television / video / DVD 

• Play on a computer 

• Go on the internet

• Learn a new skill (juggling / making balloon animals) 

• Do puzzles / play chess / make your own puzzles 

• Origami / Scobidous / make jewellery 

• Sew / knit  

• Go through a photo album 

• Design a dream house 

• Have a debate 

• Build a card house  

• Make a paper chain of the days its been since you last cut (add a new one every 


• Find out how to put 8 queens on a chessboard without any of them being able to kill 

each other (There are 92 possible ways to do this) 

• Make a T-shirt 

• Look for pictures in the clouds

 Sweep the path 

 Wash your car

 Do some gardening 

 Go for a drive  

 Go to an arcade or playground 

 Make a kite/fly a kite  

 Get on a train and go to the sea

 Look at constellations 

 Catch up on DIY / housework 

 Cook/bake something 

 Have a clear out – give your old stuff to charity  

 Re-arrange your room/decorate 


 Give your pets a bath

 Volunteer somewhere 

 Join a class  

 Think about what you’d like to change about your life and make a plan 

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